Butlin's Big Weekends

Whatever became of the bands we used to listen to when we were young?1  Those who used to appear every Thursday night on TOTP?  Some still can fill a stadium, some alas are no longer with us.  Some of the stars of the past have had a change of direction, swapping being a rock star for such varied careers as watch making or advising the Pentagon on missile defence.2  Some however, even though they are no longer headline news, are still going strong, still playing the music you love.  A Butlin's Big Weekend bring them together, and give you the opportunity to see them live again.

Whether your musical tastes hark back to the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's or now even the 00's, there is a Big Weekend for you.  If you like Soul music or disco music there are several of these through out the year. 

Check out your nearest Butlin's, be it Minehead, Bognor Regis or Skegness and come for a great weekend of music!

If you are an afficianados of the music genres of Rock, Blues, Folk, Alternative, Northern Soul, Electronic or even if you just love Madness, check out the Butlin's Festivals.

1If you are still young unfortunately there is a minumum age of 18 for all these breaks

2Both of those are true!

So we can give you the information you need, please let us know your party size and the type(s) of accommodation you would be interested in. (Location and dates are useful too. :-) )

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