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European Tours

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11 day Best of Portugal

Let the melancholic trill of the Fado Guitar follow you from Portugal’s Manueline Lisbon to Baroque Oporto and the sun-soaked beaches of Vilamoura. Wander through the medieval cities of Obidos, Évora and Guimarães, and visit the religious landmarks of Fatima, Batalha and the dramatic Hieronymite Monastery, enjoying a delicious pasteis de nata or two along the way.

from £1,789pp

Valid for travel: 11 Apr 18

Travel 2 Offer

National Geographic Journeys with G-Adventures – 7 day Explore Iceland

At the place where two continental plates brush up against each other is Iceland, land of fire and ice. Get up close to this unique country on a seven-day exploration of its natural highlights. Make your way through lava tube caves, watch the living Earth in action at some of the island’s volcanoes, relax in incredible hot springs, and keep your eyes peeled for whales off the coast. Find your element in a place of extreme elements.

from £2,369pp

Valid for travel: 06 May 18

Travel 2 Offer

14 day Country Roads of Croatia

Discover the pristine landscapes, idyllic islands and sun-dappled seas of Croatia, where fortified towns of cobblestone and terracotta echo a time when merchants ruled the waves. Journey from Zagreb to the spectacular coastal city of Dubrovnik, getting a fantastic insight into this breathtaking country.

from £2,959pp

Valid for travel: 06 Oct 18

Travel 2 Offer

15 day Spectacular Scandinavia & its Fjords

Revel in outstanding Scandinavian scenery as you cruise the glassy fjords and ride the Flåm Railway. In the cities, soak up the seafaring history and lively cultural scene. Beginning in Denmark’s capital of Copenhagen, you’ll travel across the lands of the Vikings as you make your way through the heart of Norway, taking in the breathtaking landscapes.

from £3,679pp

Valid for travel: 13 May 18


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