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Visas from the UK

A selection of links to the relevant embassy or consulate for obtaining visas.  (N.B. we are a travel agency, not a visa agency.  If you wish any assistance, please apply directly to the relevant embassy. Alternatively we can put you in touch with a visa agent who will (for a fee) assist you in applying for a visa.)  Some countries such as China, Russia and India use agents to administer their visa applications.

North American Visas

US visa visa waver scheme* ESTA


Australian & New Zealand Visas

Australian visas

New Zealand visas*


European Visas

Schengen Visas*

Croatian visa*

Irish visa*

Russian visa

Turkish visa#


Asian Visas

Chinese visa (Visa for Hong Kong*)

Indian visa

Indonesian visa

Malaysian visa*

Filipino visa*

Singaporean visa*

Thai visa*


Middle Eastern Visas

United Arab Emirates visa*

Egyptian visa#


African Visas


Kenyan Visa

South African Visa*

Tanzanian Visa

South American Visas






Countries marked * are believed not to require a visa for at least some types of travellers with (usually) full British Passports.  This is often only for tourists not staying for extended periods.  Please check the embassy for confirmation and details.

Countries marked # are believed to allow full UK passport holders to obtain an visa on entry.  Again, this is often only for  tourists not staying for extended periods.  Again please check with embassy to confirm this.

 If you have any problems with the above links, would you please let us know.