Do I need a visa?

The following is a list of countries for which a tourist holding a full British Passport i.e. a British Citizen requires a visa on arrival.  Several other countries require a visa obtainable at the first point of entry.  This is only for 'normal' lengths of stays.  For stays of 'long' duration, a visa may be required for other destinations.  Also, for non-holiday purposes , such as business trips, many other countries also require a visa. 

Afghanistan Chad Kazakhstan Qatar
Angola China Kenya Saudi Arabia
Anguilla Comoros Korea, North Sierra Leone
Armenia Congo, Republic of the Kuwait Singapore
Aruba Cote d'Ivoire Laos Sudan
Australia Cuba Lebanon Syria
Azerbaijan Djibouti Liberia Tanzania
Bahrain Dominican Republic Libya Togo
Bangladesh Equatorial Guinea Madagascar Trinidad and Tobago
Benin Eritrea Mali Uganda
Bhutan Ethiopia Mozambique United States
Brunei Gabon Nepal Venezuela
Burundi Guinea New Zealand Vietnam
Cambodia India Nigeria Yemen
Cameroon Indonesia Pakistan Zambia
Cape Verde Iran Papua New Guinea  
Central African Republic Jordan Peru  

Advanced passenger Information

Although not strictly visas, several countries are asking for Advanced Passenger Information (API) for flights.  These include the USA and most EU countries.  This is for security reasons and is not instead of a visa.  Your airline will usually ask you to supply the passenger details found on the ‘machine-readable’ page of your passport - that is the page containing your photograph.

You may be asked for your:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • passport number
  • country that issued your passport
  • date of passport expiration

You may occasionally be asked for additional information – such as the address of your first night’s stay.

Your information will be taken either at the time of booking or by an automated passport reader during check-in. In most cases, if you do not provide your API in the time required, you may not be allowed to travel.  This is normally 72 hours before the flight .

The USA has Electronic Authorization for Travel Authorization (ESTA) for those travelling on the Visa Waiver Scheme.  Unfortunately, there is now a fee for this ($14), but it does last for two years (so long as the passport is not renewed).  The US advises people to register at least 72 hours before travelling.  The FCO link on travelling to the USA provides further details.

If you have any problems obtaining a visa we can recommend a visa agent for UK passport holders who can deal with both tourist and business visas.

Various embassies' and consulates' visa pages.